Baby Formula Problems

Risk of Hypophosphatemia from Baby Formula

Baby Formula Problems

Infants and toddlers who suffer from severe food allergies and gastrointestinal problems rely on medical baby formulas such as Neocate. Advertised as "nutritionally complete", these products can result in significant mineral deficiencies. Baby formula side effects linked to Neocate include rickets, broken bones, and permanent skeletal deformities. A variety of other baby formula problems have been identified, most notably connected to contamination of Enfamil baby formula. If your child has suffered from baby formula side effects, you may be entitled to compensation through filing a baby formula lawsuit. This page provides a comprehensive look at baby formula problems and side effects.

Baby Formula

Baby formulas are specially designed to provide for the nutritional needs of a child who is not being breastfed or does not tolerate milk or other foods. Millions of caregivers rely on baby formula to feed infants and young children for a variety of reasons. Neocate, a particular type of medically-formulated baby formula, offers seven different varieties aimed at various developmental stages, including Neocate Syneo Infant (0-12 months); Neocate Infant DHA/ARA (0-12 months); Neocate Nutra (6+ months); Neocate Junior (1+ Years); Neocate Junior with Probiotics (1+ Years); Neocate Splash (1+ Years); and EO28 Splash (1+ Years).

Dangerous Baby Formulas

Contrary to marketing claims, some baby formulas are unsafe for infants and children. Contaminants in Enfamil baby powder have resulted in many cases of severe illness. And nutritional shortcomings in Neocate have led to hypophosphatemia, a serious medical condition characterized by inadequate blood phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is vital to bone health and growth; when phosphate levels drop, a child is prone to spontaneous bone fractures, rickets, and skeletal deformities. Baby formula problems endanger infants and can result in severe illness or injury.

In 2017, the first major research study on baby formula hypophosphatemia was published. Entitled, "Unexpected widespread hypophosphatemia and bone disease associated with elemental formula use in infants and children" and published in the medical journal Bone, the study revealed that 94% of infants and children studies suffered from low phosphate levels, broken bones, or rickets from Neocate.

Baby Formula Rickets

Rickets is a childhood disease caused by a lack of adequate minerals in the blood stream. Baby formula rickets have been traced to a lack of absorbable phosphorus in products such as Neocate.

Neocate rickets symptoms include delayed growth, spinal, leg, and pelvic pain, and muscle weakness. Rickets from Neocate baby formula softens the growth plates at the end of a child's bones, and can result in skeletal deformities including knock knees, bowed legs, thickened wrists, and breastbone projection. Rickets from baby formula can cause permanent skeletal damage.

Baby Formula Broken Bones

Bone Fractures from Baby Formula

Broken bones are another symptom linked back to low phosphorus levels from Neocate baby formula. Robbie Elam, a 10 year old from Amory, Mississippi, is one such child. Due to several underlying chronic health problems, Robbie consumes Neocate formula as his sole source of nutrition. In 2017, Robbie suffered a broken wrist and caregivers reported his father to Child Protective Services. Soon after, a spontaneous femur fracture occurred and doctors suspected a medical problem was the source of the injuries. Finally, a member of Robbie's family saw a TV commercial for a Neocate attorney group and made the connection between Neocate baby formula and the broken bones Robbie was suffering. The family discovered the results of the Yale study, and demanded blood testing. Robbie's phosphorus levels were dangerously low, indicating the formula was the source of his injuries—not his father. This story was the topic of a 2018 article in the Clarion Ledger.

Low Phosphorus Levels from Baby Formula

Baby formula side effects from Neocate have been linked to the particular form of phosphorus the product contained, which has proven difficult to absorb for many children. While Nutricia has never issued a warning to consumers regarding the risk of rickets and broken bones from Neocate, the company did warn physicians in 2016 that baby formula problems meant careful monitoring of blood mineral levels was vital for children relying solely on this baby formula for sustenance. After convening an expert baby formula side effects panel, Nutricia also switched to a different form of phosphate in its products during the spring of 2018. An article published in 2018 in the Clarion Ledger reported:

A spokesperson for Nutricia, which makes Neocate, said while the patients highlighted in the BONE study represent a small segment of Neocate users with unique conditions, the company has assembled an expert panel and issued guidance to health care professionals about monitoring these patients. "Recently, we began to integrate a more highly-soluble phosphate into our Neocate line of formulas. The updated formulation will begin to roll out beginning in April," the statement reads.

These actions indicate Nutricia is aware of the baby formula problems caused by Neocate, yet never warned parents. Throughout the years the company was investigating Neocate baby formula problems, it publicly maintained the Neocate baby formula product line was, "hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete, supplying the same nutrition of a regular baby / toddler formula but with protein your child can tolerate." Parents and families whose child was harmed by baby formula side effects may be eligible for compensation by filing a baby formula lawsuit.

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